I got lots of amazing suggestions for polishes. 3 people recommended Bikini So Teeny which I already own and love (pictured above is actually from my tumblr when I posted it in different lights) - it is possibly my favorite polish. However, I don’t think I’ll go with because I’d probably have to buy a new bottle just so it wouldn’t be the weird consistency is it now from being old and overused.

Since one of my weddings colors is a mint green, I’m starting to lean towards that Butter London Fiver or Essence You Belong To Me. Zoya Blu is also gorgeous.

I love all the colors people suggested. I had one person tell me that I shouldn’t go with blue because I’d regret it. I fully expect to regret everything from my wedding in like 10-20 years because that is how weddings work.

Kevin and I started trying to name all the things we will notice in our wedding photos in years to come that will make us cringe. Our list so far includes: my ombre-ish hair, his glasses, his mustache, the skinny ties the guys will wear, my dress, the colors, my makeup, my hair. It is bound to happen. Find a wedding from the 80s that you don’t point out the shoulder pads, teased hair, mullets, huge veils that also look teased, etc.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everything that gave me suggestions - you may have made my decision harder but at least now I can start testing out these colors.